Do you struggle with weight gain, fatigue, or sleep issues?

Approximately 40% of Americans are categorized as obese. The majority of these people struggle to lose weight and keep it off, which can contribute to many other health issues.

At Whole Heart Family Medicine, we come along side you with the support and tools you need for long-term success. Instead of trying another fad diet or pill that just contributes to yo-yo dieting, we target the source with real solutions.

Overweight woman on bed

At Whole Heart Family Medicine we recommend advanced testing for all of our patients so we can uncover any hidden metabolic disorders, genetic predispositions, or vitamin deficiencies that could be contributing to the problem. We recognize the dangers of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes so we treat this early and aggressively. We counsel all of our patients on diet and offer prescription medications that can improve their metabolic profile (and help with weight loss). In addition, we focus heavily on restoring deep-stage sleep, so patients have the energy to exercise, and can feel and function their absolute best.

Do something today for a better tomorrow! 

Make an appointment now for advanced testing. We are here to help.