Integrating Traditional and Functional Medicine

with a focus on disease prevention and cardiovascular care

WHO WE ARE . . .

Whole Heart Family Medicine (WHFM) was established as a place where patients can receive advanced, integrative, and compassionate healthcare. We are a family practice providing routine medical care for adults and children ages 12 and up, but we offer more testing and treatment options than a standard primary care office.

We believe the best medical care is based on good science, but open to new paradigms. We know there is not a “one-size-fits-all” model of medical care, so we often combine holistic and traditional approaches, tailoring treatment plans to each patient’s specific needs and preferences. At WHFM, we emphasize dietary and lifestyle modifications as a key foundation of managing illness and achieving optimal health. We recommend both natural supplements and pharmaceutical medications in our treatment plans, but instead of just prescribing a “pill for every ill,” we aim to target the source of the problem. In this way, we practice with a functional medicine approach to care.

At WHFM we carry a particular passion and expertise for the treatment of cardiovascular disease. Since heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women in this nation (despite guideline-driven medical care) 1, we perform comprehensive work-ups aimed at detecting hidden risk factors and root causes of disease at the early stages. By doing this, we can aggressively target these problems before it is too late. We currently have the tools available in medicine to beat cardiovascular disease, but only if we are willing to think outside the box and reach beyond the current medical guidelines.

At WHFM, we believe in the prevention and reversal of disease (not just disease management). Since inflammation is the driving force behind most disease, we assess biomarkers that can identify hidden inflammation in our patients. We also examine advanced lipid measurements, key nutrient deficiencies, and early markers of pre-diabetes and insulin resistance (since the damage from elevated insulin and blood sugars starts years before someone actually becomes a diabetic). If warranted, we may recommend additional testing to evaluate genetics or gut (microbiome) health. After gathering this information, we personalize a treatment plan based on the identified risk factors.

At WHFM, we are committed to changing the statistical landscape for our patients. With proper testing and treatment, no one should fall victim to a heart attack or stroke. We want you to be around to enjoy your loved ones and experience the fullness this beautiful life has to offer.


You really do matter to us.

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We are not a functional medicine practice. The providers at WHFM have received some functional medicine training and love to incorporate these tools with patients when applicable, but they are not certified functional medicine providers. At WHFM, we believe in focusing our time and energy where it can be most helpful, in our areas of expertise (cardiovascular, metabolic, and mental/cognitive health). When needed, we will gladly collaborate with other medical providers who specialize in other areas. In this way, our patients can receive the best possible medical care available, tailored to their unique needs.

We are happy to welcome any new patient for a work-up, but often patients seeking a functional medicine provider have more complicated issues that require a lot more time, testing, and advanced treatment protocols (that can require long-term support through evolving treatment plans), and unfortunately health insurance does not typically reimburse for this type of medical care.

At WHFM, we chose to be an insurance-based practice because we wanted to provide wider access to quality medical care, which EVERYONE deserves. But as an insurance-based practice, we are unable to offer extended appointment times. We follow the industry standard for appointment times: 30 minutes for a new patient appointment and 15 minutes for all follow-up appointments. However, even with these limitations, we do not believe in compromising the quality of our medical care. If you have multiple needs or concerns, we are happy to see you more frequently so that we have time to appropriately address all your concerns well.

Patients who are seeking a functional medicine provider due to more advanced, chronic, or unexplained symptoms may want to seek medical care elsewhere. For more complicated cases, these patients may warrant a team approach in their care. We have a list of local holistic and/or certified functional medicine providers in the area that we are happy to share with any patient.

What does the name Whole Heart Family Medicine mean?

The name of our practice has a three-fold meaning. First, practicing medicine is not just a business to us -we wholeheartedly care about you. Secondly, we care about your literal heart health – one of our niches is aggressively identifying and eradicating cardiovascular disease . . . thus making your heart healthy and whole. Lastly, we believe optimal health encompasses more than just your physical health, but also your emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being.

We love to restore hope by offering encouragement to you throughout your journey to wellness, helping your heart find the figurative wholeness it needs along the way. This starts with us listening well and taking your concerns seriously, but it may also mean connecting you with other sources of support in the community, so you are equipped with the resources you need to truly thrive.

At WHFM, you are never just another “number” to us. We genuinely care about the well-being of every single patient and consider it a privilege to partner with you in your journey to optimal health and well-being.

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1 - Mozaffarian D, Benjamin EJ, Go AS et al. Circulation. 2015;131:e129.