Update on Our Response to Covid-19

In order to keep protect our patients who have to still come into the office to be evaluated, we have decided to refer all acutely sick patients for evaluation at Premier Medical SC at this time. By keeping actively sick patients out of our office, this minimizes the risk of Covid-19 exposure to our other patients. However, since people can be carriers of the virus for 1-2 weeks before they exhibit symptoms, we are still sanitizing the office regularly throughout the day and having every patient use hand-sanitizer when they walk through the door.  

Premier Medical SC

354 Folly Road Suite 5
Charleston, SC 29412

(843) 225-2374

We understand the ever-changing landscape of Covid-19 has brought about much confusion, but we are here to help you navigate things forward. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. We care about each one of you and are making decisions with YOUR best interest at heart! 


I personally see patients at Premier Medical every Monday from 2-7pm so I know and trust the staff there. Dr. Karey Faver Breen, the owner of Premier Medical, is the supervising physician for Whole Heart Family Medicine. She is an intelligent, compassionate, and trustworthy doctor and will take excellent care of every patient who comes through her door!  In addition, because of our working relationship, we can easily collaborate care for WHFM patients when warranted. The clinic is well-prepared for Covid-19 - they are using preventive measures (masks, goggles, and gloves) with EVERY patient, not just sick ones.  They are also taking aggressive cleaning measures throughout the day to keep the office sterile.

Patients will continue to have routine medical needs whether there is a pandemic or not, so we have now implemented telemedicine to assure continued access to medical care. The safety of our patients is of utmost importance, so unless it is absolutely necessary to come in to the office, we are encouraging everyone to change their appointments into a tele-health call. We are even able to see new patients through a telemedicine appointment.

If you become sick and need help figuring out the best course of action (because you are not sure if you need to be seen at Premier or need a Covid-19 test), you are welcome to make a telemedicine appointment with us first so we can help guide you to the best steps forward.  Some minor illnesses can be managed through a video call, but others may require an in-person evaluation.

Premier Medical SC is open 8am - 7pm Monday-Friday and 8am - 12pm on Saturday. You can also find more information by visiting their website premiermedicalsc.com.